As long as I’ve resided in this corner of the world – and may complain a tad about the rain – I do believe that Seattle is America’s best kept secret.

The TV shows (ahem, Grey’s Anatomy) and movies (ahem, uh, Sleepless in Seattle) portray an image of the pacific northwest as a constant drizzle of cloudy, rain-filled skies. We do have our fair share of dreary days, but it’s absolutely magical when the sun decides to show itself.

On those beautiful sunny days, I like to venture out with my camera.

I have written about Ballard once already but I decided to return and take advantage of the changing fall leaves. This is a city known for our trees, so when they start to change, the foliage lights up with red, orange and yellow leaves.

Walking down the waterfront of one of my favorite neighborhoods in Seattle, I walk down the historic main street lined with shops and restaurants, heading towards the water.



I walked down to the “Locks” or the Ballard Locks. The locks were built to transition boats from the salt water of Puget Sound to the fresh water of the ship canal to Lake Washington and Lake Union.

You can also watch the fish swim the down the fish ladder, the are where boats aren’t allowed so fish can travel in between the two bodies of water.

The boats all file in, the gates close, the water level lowers or is raised and the boats exit the other side. As I watched that day, one of the captains yelled something along the lines of “Wait, who hit the elevator?”