Oh yeah sure ya betcha. I had a good ole fashioned Midwest welcome as I sneezed my way through the airport (damn allergies!) and on to the super convenient light rail to going toward the enormous Minnehaha Park. I stayed with my flight attendant friend for a quick weekend getaway and girls’ trip. My list simply included eating fried food, drinking beer and going to the Mall of America (hey, I wanted to ride the roller coaster).


I had asked some friends who had spent time/grown up in the area and had many suggestions on how to spent my short three days in the lovely Minneapolis.

The first night was a little bonkers, we began going to a few local pubs thinking it was an easy night of people watching and drinking local beer. We happened across a Harry Potter pub crawl and decided to join in. We ended up at The Pourhouse, what we thought was a brewery was actually an awesome live music venue. We watched a band called “Some Shitty Cover Band” who weren’t shitty by any means. We danced the night away…until about 3am…so much for just one drink.


Minnehaha Park

Had to start off my trip at the gorgeous Minnehaha park, the weather gods beamed beautiful sunshine down upon us while we stood in line slightly hungover for some various fried foods. We notice those in front of us who already had cold beers. We asked around and a nice gentleman showed us a photo his wife had sent him of the tap list, and proceeded to get two pints of our own. The park was beautiful and perfect time of year for the changing leaves.


Fall Leaves at Minnehaha Park


Jucy Lucy, Matt’s Bar

Cheese stuffed burgers. Get the grilled onions, don’t leave Minneapolis without trying it and be careful on the first bite, I burnt the crap out of my tongue.



Mall of America

Oh, goodness gracious great balls of fire that mall is huge. I have a great love for shopping, although I don’t do much of when I travel. I like to see the sights and most of the time just focus on the food instead of the souvenirs. We wandered, we got drinks at various chain restaurants and we went on the roller coasters at the theme park and didn’t even realize we had spent seven hours in the mall and only spent $40 on adorable trinkets!


All in all I absolutely adored Minneapolis. The weather was good to us, the people were very sweet and we had a much-needed girls weekend.