Well, this summer has been about a lot of hard work, saving up each and every penny and eventually making a huge life change. Two weeks ago I moved across the country to New York City; Brooklyn to be specific. There are many reasons why I left Seattle, mostly needing a change and wanting to pursue a different career. I’m a writer and want to pursue a career instead of it always falling to the side of my priorities. I knew that entering a new city, a new state, a new coast would be a learning experience and I can’t wait to explore more.

Here are some things I’ve noticed so far:

1. Jaywalking is way more common: I probably sound like such a goober, but I remember back in college police officers were actually writing tickets for people jaywalking in the streets. Not here.

2. It’s a walking city, which technically I knew but I did not KNOW how much so. I’ve already destroyed one pair of super cute shoes that were in no way prepared for how much I walk on any given day. I’m obsessed with Dr., Scholl’s inserts and always keep extra bandaids in my purse.

3. There will always be noise. My room in the apartment isn’t on the street side so I don’t get many sirens or honks. However, there’s construction on the building next door that usually starts around 7:30am, scaring the crap out of me out of a dead sleep. I usually don’t mind noise, in fact it’s harder for me to sleep if the place I’m in is quiet. But I don’t think there is a single moment where there isn’t something going on.

4. I’m in no way prepared for much more extreme seasons. I’m sweating more than I ever have in my life. That being said, I also found ways to combat the heat and make sure I don’t spend each day looking like a wet dog. Hello, dry shampoo and mini deodorant in my purse…at all times. I’ll say things like “Oh, it’s so hot” and friends of mine from the East coast are maniacally laughing because they know winter is just around the corner.

5. I’ve got a whole system now for the contents of my purse. My items I never leave the house without are often what you’d expect: phone, keys, wallet, etc. Now I never leave without headphones, an extra iPhone charger (it holds up to five charges), pepper spray and hand sanitizer. These aren’t necessarily things I didn’t need back in Seattle but my routine has definitely changed.

This whole move is a learning experience, as I knew it would be. I left my comfort zone to start something new and dammit, I’m going to.