Oh man, did we eat well in San Francisco. As with most of my adventures on this trip, I followed my friend around who had lived there for a few years. This is one of those trips where I had done some research, but I experienced so many other authentic experiences because I was going off the beaten path where people went who actually lived there.

Cup of Joe

This was my first stop on my trip to recover from a really early flight out of Seattle. The bagel had a ton of cream cheese (just the way I like it) and the coffee was smooth and rich. They had a cute little outdoor area to sit as well. Someone else ordered a sandwich and it looked tasty but I made a mental note to come back later.

Super Duper

Don’t be afraid of the long line, the staff at Super Duper know how to deal with a crowd of lunching locals. It’s a burger joint where you pick exactly what you want and they even serve wine! The perfect mix of greasy food to deal with a pounding hang over.


Gold Club

Have you ever seen How I Met You Mother? Have you seen the episodes where Barney takes everyone to a strip club and the food is surprisingly good? Well, we went to a strip club lunch buffet…and it wasn’t half bad. It was $5, the chicken wasn’t too dry, the vegetables were cooked perfectly and they had this great rice dish. I’m just sayin’, open your horizons people.

Hopwater Distribution

We started out night out drinking at the Hopwater Distribution, they had great beers and ciders, a low-lit chill atmosphere and tons of TV’s. It would be a great place to go watch a football game during the day and the food was amazing. I definitely recommend the fried chicken sandwich.

Taqueria Cancun

There seems to be some sort of battle among the people I met over which place had the best burritos. Now I didn’t have enough time to try them all (new life goal?), but we did head over to Taqueria Cancun for amazing (and gigantic) burritos. Sasha and I split one and it was plenty of food for both of us. We headed over to Dolores Park for insane views of the city and fantastic people watching to enjoy our lunch. It was a glorious day of eating delicious Mexican food and hangin’ in the sunshine.


Just. Stop. Just. I can’t. I can’t even say the words out loud to express how good this meal was. It was down on the waterfront at Gott’s. We ordered a bottle of wine, sat outside and ate our faces off.

I’m gonna break this down for you.

Kale caesar: huge amount of kale, well dressed with slightly lemon-y dressing, it felt good to actually have veggies on this trip. Trying to balance the beer and burgers 🙂

Burger and garlic fries: The juicy delicious burger was definitely a must for something substantial.

Mexican street corn: it was on the board of specials for the day but OH MY GOD it was heavenly. If you are lucky enough to stop by on a day where the Mexican street corn is available, it should be the first things on your order. An ear of corn, spread the mayonnaise, douse with cotija cheese and various pieces and voila! you have mind-blowing corn.

Ahi Crispy Tacos: By far my favorite. The sauce had a bit of a spicy kick but super well balanced. The ahi was perfect, I could have eaten these all day.


All in all, San Francisco has some amazing places to stuff your face with insanely good food. I can’t wait to go back and try even more!