Version 2

Whether I’m on my way to drizzly Ireland or humid Puerto Rico, there are some things I pack that transcend the weather. Besides the obvious “passport” and “shoes” which I couldn’t physically board a plane without, these are items that I have found make my travels a lot easier. What makes it into my backpack often changes but there are the items I don’t leave home without:


Excedrin: A lot of other countries don’t sell this miracle headache medicine and it seems to be the only thing that gets rid of those *ahem* rough mornings. Make sure to bring it in the original packaging, a bottle with white pills in an unmarked bottle tends to look a tad suspicious.

Infinity Scarf with Zippered Pouch: I can put a few dollars, my ID etc. for easy access and not having to carry a large purse. It’s also great for keeping my most important items close should my purse go missing.

Dry Shampoo: I cannot believe it took me so long to jump aboard the dry shampoo bandwagon. It is an absolute life-saver should hostel showers be packed in the mornings. It’s great if I’m just getting off the plane and want a tausled-not-disheveled look, I have long blonde hair so it’s great for the sun-kissed/beachy look despite not cleaning up.

Water bottle: I bring it through security empty and fill it up at a water fountain in the airport. Even a small bottle of water can easily set you back $5 or more depending on where you are. Mine has a little hook on it so I can attach it to my carry-on bag. When I grab my coffee I’ll ask the barista (if she’s not too busy) if he or she can throw some ice cubes in for me so I have delicious ice-cold water for my flight. I’ll fill it up each morning so to not feel dehydrated while exploring somewhere new.

Face Lotion with SPF: I use Aveeno daily moisturizer with SPF 15. Not only it is great for extra protection in the sun, it’s great for rehydrating your skin after a long flight. You can get a sunburn with cloudy weather, so my skin is protected regardless.

Bathing Suit: Hot tubs in a snowy destination? Pool workout in a hotel? Whatever the situation, not having a swimsuit is always a pain. Even if you’re not expecting there to be a swim on the itinerary, don’t get caught without it.

Watch: I can’t always depend on my iPhone to be charged and knowing the time is so important for making a flight to checking into your accommodation. I also help myself with jet lag by setting my watch on the plane to my destinations’ current time.


What can you absolutely not live without when you travel?